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July with NoCo2600

We are still getting together the first Friday of every month at Dazbog. We coordinate a dinner before the meeting at some place close in the DC970 Slack Channel. All are welcome, all that is required is interest. Tonight’s focus is on integrated circuits, analog synthesizers, and lock picking.

April 2015 Meeting Notes

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April 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:20pm
8 people attended (inc. 1 first timers)


TrueCrypt audit


Cisco Miraki

“Military grade encryption” on everything

UEFI secure boot – good or bad?

TPM chip

Frequency hopping – spread spectrum – Hedley Lamar

Phone rooting criminal and civil and Eula repercussions

UK claims right to hack anyone

2600 and dc970 social media upgrades

Virtual credit card

Until next time…