September 2013 Meeting

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September 2013 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:15pm
4 people attended (2 first timers)

Experiences at DEF CON
-hacking mgt talk
-badge game
-lines for everything!

Certification Prep

Hak5 Pineapple –

Tor Overloaded – DDoS?

What is Freenet? –

School iPad/MacBook lockdown policies


Simulated Hacking
-One from DEF CON –
-Another favorite –

Using Ophtcrack vs WinXP

Announcing the split between the NoCo2600 and DC970 meetings
-Better coverage for location
-Better coverage for days of week
-Grow the community
-Check out

May 2013 Meeting Report

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May Meeting (03 May2013)
7pm to 8:00pm
3 people attended at Starbucks (0 first timers)

Technical Topics

Uses for virtual machines at home

Two-factor Authentication

  • google
  • facebook
  • steam

Spoofing/cloning RFID proxy cards

Compare/contrast web proxy vs VPN

Non-Technical Topics


April Meeting Results

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April Meeting (05 APR 2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
5 people attended at Starbucks (1 first timer)

Technical Topics:

Social Engineering Prevention

Bitcoin – Recent price, online vs offline wallet

Mimikatz – Local (Windows) OS private key compromise utility

Non-Technical Topics:

Politics of Anonymous

March Meeting Results

March Meeting (01MARCH2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
7 people attended at Starbucks (3, first timers)

Technical Topics:

Facebook Security/Privacy

Cellular Provider Man in the middle, before page loads on SSL pages.
>Mapped WiFi grid systems tracking your every move.

How to be aware of your data in the cloud.

Physical Security – Social Engineering, the faults in our enviornments.

Vlan isolation on public wifi

How can we affect better security awareness in our spheres of influance?

Stuxnet – How it was spread and what was done about it.


The origan of the Blackswan – Taliv

Firewire DNA4 Hack – full access to live state RAM

Softpro – Why assembler should be your first programing language.

Non-Technical Topics:

Gray-haired computing
Punch Card Systems – why you learn to number your cards….
Don’t forget to clip in when climbing Radio towers.
Band Printers, where we all began(Pre-1986)

RF Broadcasting – If it’s got lights or buttons it your responsibility.

February Meeting Results

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February Meeting (2/1/2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
4 people attended at Starbucks

Technical Topics:

Whitelisting apps to prevent malware/virus infection
Tor hidden services (.onion)
Review the new 2600 calendar for 2013
Certifications – Are they worth the effort?

  • Physical security cert

Physical Security – Cameras, Leaky Coax
VI vs VIM (text editing in *nix)
One member lost an IronKey this week, not worried due to encryption

Non-Technical Topics:

Define a list of recommended links for this site, approved by members.

January Meeting Results

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January Meeting
7pm to 8:30pm
5 people attended

Technical Topics:
Review new 2600 magazine articles
Anonymity network usage (Tor, I2P)

  • Tor usage on Android and iOS devices
  • Tor over VPN?

Web User agent

  • How do sites know
  • Spoofing
  • Automated exploit kit detect OS/browser for wide scope pwn

Online news/podcasts to security news


Non-Technical Topics:

Coffee vs Espresso – best mg/$ ratio for caffeine