October 2013 Meeting

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October 2013 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:00pm
4 people attended (2 first timers)


CPU Queue interrupts

RAID Configurations
-Hardware vs Software

Live bootable/guest OSes

Adobe Hacked
-Source released

Pirate Bay Retaliation

Origins of “2600” and how to get the media

History of NoCo2600

Software Security
-Private Sector vs Open Source

DEF CON Group (DC970) Reborn–Again!

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Re-posted from from the DC970 Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/dc970/



A little over a year ago, the DC970 group was revived. The domain name (dc970.org) had expired and the organizer could not be contacted. Regardless of how long the group was offline, it was time to get it started back up.

The domain name was quickly registered, and for the past year, DC970 has been united with the local 2600 group. The past 12 months have been a success, and with the exception of the meeting that landed on DEF CON weekend, meetings had attendance each month. It’s now time to take it to the next level!

This month the two meetings will separate. NoCo2600 will stay at it’s current location in Loveland/Johnstown and DC970 will move up to Fort Collins. Please post a reply if you have a suggestion for a good location to meet up.

For information on the meeting times and locations, check back with http://dc970.org !


PolyDOS and the DC970 gang

September 2013 Meeting

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September 2013 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:15pm
4 people attended (2 first timers)

Experiences at DEF CON
-hacking mgt talk
-badge game http://elegin.com/dc21/
-lines for everything!

Certification Prep

Hak5 Pineapple – http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/wifi-pineapple/products/wifi-pineapple-mk4-elite

Tor Overloaded – DDoS?

What is Freenet? – https://freenetproject.org/

School iPad/MacBook lockdown policies

-Phrack http://www.phrack.org/index.html

Simulated Hacking
-One from DEF CON – http://dcdark.net
-Another favorite – http://hackerslab.org/eorg/

Using Ophtcrack vs WinXP

Announcing the split between the NoCo2600 and DC970 meetings
-Better coverage for location
-Better coverage for days of week
-Grow the community
-Check out http://dc970.org

May 2013 Meeting Report

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May Meeting (03 May2013)
7pm to 8:00pm
3 people attended at Starbucks (0 first timers)

Technical Topics

Uses for virtual machines at home

Two-factor Authentication

  • google
  • facebook
  • steam

Spoofing/cloning RFID proxy cards

Compare/contrast web proxy vs VPN

Non-Technical Topics


April Meeting Results

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April Meeting (05 APR 2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
5 people attended at Starbucks (1 first timer)

Technical Topics:

Social Engineering Prevention

Bitcoin – Recent price, online vs offline wallet

Mimikatz – Local (Windows) OS private key compromise utility

Non-Technical Topics:

Politics of Anonymous

March Meeting Results

March Meeting (01MARCH2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
7 people attended at Starbucks (3, first timers)

Technical Topics:

Facebook Security/Privacy

Cellular Provider Man in the middle, before page loads on SSL pages.
>Mapped WiFi grid systems tracking your every move.

How to be aware of your data in the cloud.

Physical Security – Social Engineering, the faults in our enviornments.

Vlan isolation on public wifi

How can we affect better security awareness in our spheres of influance?

Stuxnet – How it was spread and what was done about it.


The origan of the Blackswan – Taliv

Firewire DNA4 Hack – full access to live state RAM

Softpro – Why assembler should be your first programing language.

Non-Technical Topics:

Gray-haired computing
Punch Card Systems – why you learn to number your cards….
Don’t forget to clip in when climbing Radio towers.
Band Printers, where we all began(Pre-1986)

RF Broadcasting – If it’s got lights or buttons it your responsibility.

February Meeting Results

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February Meeting (2/1/2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
4 people attended at Starbucks

Technical Topics:

Whitelisting apps to prevent malware/virus infection
Tor hidden services (.onion)
Review the new 2600 calendar for 2013
Certifications – Are they worth the effort?

  • Physical security cert

Physical Security – Cameras, Leaky Coax
VI vs VIM (text editing in *nix)
One member lost an IronKey this week, not worried due to encryption

Non-Technical Topics:

Define a list of recommended links for this site, approved by members.