After Impressive Emergency Landing, Harrier Jet Requires Tender 3D Printed Care

To get the jet repaired and back into the fleet as quickly as possible, technicians on the Bataan and designers at Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) at Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina 3D printed specialty forming tools to aid in the replacement of the jet’s damaged part.  First, FRCE aerospace engineer, Doug Greenwood, worked with a team aboard the Bataan to remove the Harrier’s nose cone to assess the situation inside.  Greenwood explains, “The hard landing damaged a portion of one of the structural frames in the nose cone.”

CryptoWall Collects $1M+ in Six Months

The family of file-encrypting ransomware known as CryptoWall is proliferating quickly, with more than $1 million paid in ransoms to date. Though it became well-known in the first quarter of 2014, researchers believe that the malware is now accelerating to become the largest and most destructive ransomware threat on the internet.


April 2014 Meeting

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April 2014 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:00pm
6 people attended (0 first timers)


DC303 field trip to Denver planned

TrueCrypt configuration
-Default AES vs double or triple bagging it (AES+TwoFish…)

IT (Admin and Security) Certifications
-Comparing reimbursement policies for various employer

SteamOS, Steam Streaming to lower powered computers

Using VMware ESXi 5 to run a virtual gaming machine using SteamOS, streaming

WPA2 hacking process
-Password salt
-Rainbow tables

Full Disk Encryption options

The old fingerprint login software for Windows that stored the username/password in the registry with 56-bit encryption

Lotus Notes(R) sucks

Domain controller event logs, password lockout
-Potential lulz by intentionally locking out coworkers
-Big lulz by intentionally locking out service accounts

PowerShell scripting games
Robocode game

Aaron Swartz…

Minecraft server mod – Client/server/floppy modules

Rust, 7 Days to Die on Steam

PvP glitches, MMO hacks


Another successful meeting…


March 2014 Meeting

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March 2014 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:15pm
7 people attended (0 first timers)


I didn’t take any notes, but from memory…

  • Recent events involving people reporting on vulnerable systems being held liable for criminal charges
  • PhutureCon in Denver ( participation by this group
  • Nostalgia gaming (NES) on emulators with USB controllers
  • Advanced home networking
    • NAS
    • Gateway/firewall
    • Anti-virus recommendations
    • Anti-malware recommendations

February 2014 Meeting

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February 2014 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:30pm
10 people attended (6 first timers)

Double Digit Attendance!


  • Home Routers
    • Firmware
      • DD-WRT
      • Tomato
      • Gargoyle
    • OS Based
      • Untangle
      • PFSense
      • Zentyal
  • VPN Providers
    • PIA – Private Internet Access
    • BTGuard
    • Others
    • PIA Tunnel on Git
  • Steam Gaming
    • Humble Bundle
    • Glitches in new games
    • Day Z
    • Insurgency
    • Castle Doctrine

Adobe Flash vulnerability

Lots of other conversations (10 people sitting around a group of tables at Starbucks)

December 2013 Meeting

December 2013 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:30pm
6 people attended (5 first timers)


Community Dataspace(hackDrive)

Intro to hacking

Pauldotcom (

Business Vulnerability Analysis

Switch 7 Systems

DC970 Hackers Space

DarkNET over HAM

NoCo Mesh

Rasberry PI



Local & Wireless ISP’s

Concealed Carry Laws

Free Charging stations

November 2013 Meeting

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November 2013 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:30pm
5 people attended (1 first timer)


Some members want to travel down to a DC303 meeting

There is an online fundraiser for an open audit of TrueCrypt

Hardware RAID options

Host OS decisions (Windows or Linux to host VMs)

New Hak5 Wifi Pineapple Released

Uses for the Ubertooth One

ProxMox as an alternative to VMware ESXi, VirtualBox, Citrix XenServer…

AMD Gizmo Board as an alternative to the Raspberry Pi

Using Cain for ARP poisoning

Windows Credential Editor (WCE) and what an IPS will see