May 2015 Meeting Notes

9 Attendees, including 1 new


Trip to DEF CON

Security+ vs A+ vs CISSP
Types of

Protecting yourself (and your portable network) while traveling to DEF CON

Portable VPN server for you and your friends to access stuff back home

VMware ESXi vs ProxMox hypervisors

Drone (quadcopter) Demo

Apple Watch
Apple Watch on tattooed skin

April 2015 Meeting Notes

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April 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:20pm
8 people attended (inc. 1 first timers)


TrueCrypt audit


Cisco Miraki

“Military grade encryption” on everything

UEFI secure boot – good or bad?

TPM chip

Frequency hopping – spread spectrum – Hedley Lamar

Phone rooting criminal and civil and Eula repercussions

UK claims right to hack anyone

2600 and dc970 social media upgrades

Virtual credit card

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March 2015 Meeting Notes

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March 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:45pm
5 people attended (0 first timers)


Selected articles from the current 2600 magazine were used as a conversation starter.

The increasingly reduced size and cost of electronic devices – Forbes and Office 365 article.

Privacy trends in a generational context. Are you the customer or the product for services like Facebook and Gmail?

Lots of quality discussion on these scoped topics.

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February 2015 Meeting Notes

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February 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
6 people attended (0 first timers)


New 2600 magazine is out!

Raspberry Pi 2 is released. Quad-core ARMv7 power.

Big health insurance hack by Anthem

General consensus that XKCD is awesome….

Group discussion on fun ways to hide flash storage in ordinary devices

One of our members acquired a large number of old Sonicwall devices – Free to a good home (all were taken during this meeting, no more available)

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January 2015 Meeting Notes

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January 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:00pm
5 people attended (0 first timers)


HackerNews site: Windows 8.1 vulnerability
Lizard Squad
What is Anonymous up to lately?

DDoS mitigation – proactive vs reactive

Sony’s security staffing and what we’d do different

Should we get a new venue for future 2600 meetings? The Starbucks is getting kind of cramped

DEFCON/B-Sides plans

Field trip to DC303 group?
To-do: Tweet to @dc303 about good time to show up

Tech toys from Santa this Christmas?

Oil cooling computers (mineral oil in fishtanks, etc…)


September 2014 Meeting Notes

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September 2014 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:00pm
5 people attended (0 first timers)


PhutureCon – Denver Oct 11

SSH via PKI certs instead of passwords

Trivia Night – Geeks Who Drink in Fort Collins

EFF and Tor operator t-shirt promotion (from June)

Hacking challenges at

Differences in RaspberryPi Models B and B+


Text Editors

-MC Frontalot

Old school slang

Another successful meeting…


Russian Hackers disguise Kelihos bot as Anti-Government Software

Russian Hackers are spreading the Kelihos Trojan leading victims into believing that it is a software to hit Western Governments.

Kelihos botnet is still active and exploited by the cybercrime ecosystem to monetize its effort as discovered by security experts at Bitdefender. Cyber criminals have a single purpose, to earn money by any means, for this reason it is not surprising that Russian hackers are riding the interest on the conflict in Ukraine to serve malware via links found in spam emails purporting to support the Russian cause.


Russian Hackers disguise Kelihos bot as Anti-Government Software

After Impressive Emergency Landing, Harrier Jet Requires Tender 3D Printed Care

To get the jet repaired and back into the fleet as quickly as possible, technicians on the Bataan and designers at Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) at Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina 3D printed specialty forming tools to aid in the replacement of the jet’s damaged part.  First, FRCE aerospace engineer, Doug Greenwood, worked with a team aboard the Bataan to remove the Harrier’s nose cone to assess the situation inside.  Greenwood explains, “The hard landing damaged a portion of one of the structural frames in the nose cone.”