June Meeting

We discussed TAILS, the TOR browser, privacy, creating anonymous personas, and maintaining anonymity. We also discussed security podcasts, the book Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War by Fred Kaplan, the wanna-cry malware, encryption, BSides Denver, Great Scott Gadgets and the legal ramifications of open WIFI.




Dark Territory (on Amazon.com): http://a.co/gPieP7o


NOCO 2600 in the new year

This coming weekend is a event called “March for Science”. In an era that plays fast and loose with facts, and has an active agenda to bury evidence, someone needs to stand up for the sciences. Take a look at the link below.
Maybe I’ll see you there!

Turnout has been great at all of the meetings this year. Many new faces. The new format for the meetings has worked out well. There may be a great many IT professionals in the group, but anyone is welcome. We encourage open minds, and the questioning of security and privacy. Get involved!

Don’t forget DC970 will have a Capture the Flag (CTF) event this Thursday night. https://dc970.org/2017/04/ctf-night/

Hacking the Demo Slam

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February 2017 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
10 people attended (1 first timers)


  • VeraCrypt on mobile drives.
  • Shellshock exploitation.


  • HP enterprise security
  • PLC Pwn
  • News
  • Def Con 2016
  • Raspberry Pi/Arduino

January 2017 Meeting Notes

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January 2017 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
8 people attended (0 first timers)


  • PHP obfuscation
  • Tricky Tech interview questions
  • New meeting format to include “Demo Slams/short presentations”
  • Surprise bug bounties for Christmas

September 2016 Meeting Notes

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September 2016 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
5 people attended (0 first timers)


  • Talked about the NIST password guidelines
  • General tech news
  • One member was out of town and visited the gang at http://www.pdx2600.org/

June 2016 Meeting Notes

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June 2016 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
4 people attended (0 first timers)


LinkedIn and MySpace dumps

Russian hackers getting jailed

Facebook app with always-on mic

General chilling…

May 2016 Meeting Notes

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May 2016 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
10 people attended (0 first timers)


Current offerings of Cyber Security college courses in local schools

Career goals, discussion on where the industry is headed

Reminder that partner group DC970.org IRC chat is at #dc970 on freenode

Various discussion on the devices that people brought with them

April 2016 Meeting Notes

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April 2016 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
6 people attended (0 first timers)


Hanging out in the DC970 IRC chat room

How trusting layer 2 is (Static ARP entries used for password reset, known MAC, unknown IP)

Numerous side conversations


March 2016 Meeting Notes

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March 2016 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
7 people attended (0 first timers)


FBI and Apple news

Former Windows sysadmins reminiscing how awesome WindowsXP and Server 2003 were to work with.

Intro to PowerShell discussion

Discussion of a few articles articles from the current (Winter) edition of 2600

Support from a few members to contribute to the community web sites (this one and dc970.org).