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March Meeting Results

March Meeting (01MARCH2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
7 people attended at Starbucks (3, first timers)

Technical Topics:

Facebook Security/Privacy

Cellular Provider Man in the middle, before page loads on SSL pages.
>Mapped WiFi grid systems tracking your every move.

How to be aware of your data in the cloud.

Physical Security – Social Engineering, the faults in our enviornments.

Vlan isolation on public wifi

How can we affect better security awareness in our spheres of influance?

Stuxnet – How it was spread and what was done about it.


The origan of the Blackswan – Taliv

Firewire DNA4 Hack – full access to live state RAM

Softpro – Why assembler should be your first programing language.

Non-Technical Topics:

Gray-haired computing
Punch Card Systems – why you learn to number your cards….
Don’t forget to clip in when climbing Radio towers.
Band Printers, where we all began(Pre-1986)

RF Broadcasting – If it’s got lights or buttons it your responsibility.

February Meeting Results

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February Meeting (2/1/2013)
7pm to 8:30pm
4 people attended at Starbucks

Technical Topics:

Whitelisting apps to prevent malware/virus infection
Tor hidden services (.onion)
Review the new 2600 calendar for 2013
Certifications – Are they worth the effort?

  • Physical security cert

Physical Security – Cameras, Leaky Coax
VI vs VIM (text editing in *nix)
One member lost an IronKey this week, not worried due to encryption

Non-Technical Topics:

Define a list of recommended links for this site, approved by members.

January Meeting Results

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January Meeting
7pm to 8:30pm
5 people attended

Technical Topics:
Review new 2600 magazine articles
Anonymity network usage (Tor, I2P)

  • Tor usage on Android and iOS devices
  • Tor over VPN?

Web User agent

  • How do sites know
  • Spoofing
  • Automated exploit kit detect OS/browser for wide scope pwn

Online news/podcasts to security news


Non-Technical Topics:

Coffee vs Espresso – best mg/$ ratio for caffeine


December Meeting Results

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December Meeting
7pm to 8:45pm
4 people attended (one first-timer)

Technical Topics:
Music hacking articles from
-Discovering click-track usage via analysis
-The infinite jukebox (

Game hacking scripts/client-side processing

UPEK laptop biometric vulnerability (found via Security Now! podcast)

Usage of DroidSheep on Android OS

Non-Technical Topics:
Fun with OSX PhotoBooth software
Attempted to help all-female Starbucks staff fix a stuck lever on the espresso machine. Failed, but still got free goodies.

November Meeting Results

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Attendance: 4

Compare/contrast Tor/I2P/Freenet
Using key files with TrueCrypt
Running multiple web sites on a single IP/Port using host headers
PKI (What does it mean when you get certificate warnings in your browser?)

We started a little before 7pm, and talked until about 8:30pm before getting hungry and changing venues.


September Meeting Report

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We had a turnout of three for meeting number two.

Discussion topics:
The topics discussed were our early memories of exploring systems and physical security, social engineering, and patch management.

September Meeting Announcement

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Foothills Mall (Fort Collins CO)
Food Court, 2nd Floor
OpenStreet Map or Google Map

Anyone interested in learning/sharing technical things.

Discussion topics:
Meeting philosophy
Topics you want to discuss
Meet each other
Your favorite websites/podcasts/media to learn about hacking subjects

Hope to see you there!


Meeting #1

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Starbucks in Centerra (Johnstown/Loveland CO)
OpenStreet Map or Google Map


Discussion topics:
Potential future meeting locations. This is an excellent Starbucks, but it doesn’t scale well for 10+ people talking in one corner.

Meeting rules/protocol. We highly respect the privacy of our group and will not post pictures or names of those attending these groups.

Discussion subjects. Anything that 2600 reports on we’d like to discuss. This includes technology, politics, privacy, and current events.
More to come later.