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October 2600 Meeting

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We are trying in person meetings again, As our old locations hours have changed we will meet at Starbucks tonight. 7:00 p.m. Friday night. Starbucks College and Harmony road. 250 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525

We are not meeting at Dazbog for the near future. We are meeting via teleconferencing. No user account required, just a browser or phone.
I’ll be posting a link here for the June 2600 meeting here about an hour before the meeting. We’ll be using


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It’s a new year! Meetings have been great an have had fantastic attendance. We’re making plans to make the trip to New York for this years HOPE conference. Come join us for conversations about Security, privacy, and all round IT.
From all of us have a great new year!

July with NoCo2600

We are still getting together the first Friday of every month at Dazbog. We coordinate a dinner before the meeting at some place close in the DC970 Slack Channel. All are welcome, all that is required is interest. Tonight’s focus is on integrated circuits, analog synthesizers, and lock picking.

September Month 9, 7th in Latin

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NoCo2600 is the only 2600 meeting in the state, and the only meeting for several hundred miles. Come make the pilgrimage, we promise good company. People who come to 2600 meetings or DC970 meetings are invited to our slack, and then privy to the pre-meeting dinner plans.

We are still here and active in the shadows. The only thing in life other than death that is a guarantee is change. Our favorite independent news stand Al’s is going out of business on the 15th.  Maybe we can convince another independent book store to carry the 2600 magazine.

See you later…

August 2017 Meeting Notes

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August 2017 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
6 people attended (2 first timers)


  • DEF CON highlights (3 of the 6 attended last week)
  • MalwareTechBlog drama of the week
  • Other tech/security meetings in the area
  • Current events

July in the USA

Join us Friday July 7th. Slams will include a RetroPi demo, GCIH certification planning, and a Signal key signing party. Other topics are sure to include prep for DEF CON 25.

Dazbog Coffee, 2733 Council Tree Ave #125, Fort Collins, CO 80525