August Meeting

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Well it’s August and hacker summer camp time. If you’re in town come down and have a coffee with like minded security professionals and dabblers. 2600 tonight 7pm Starbucks @ College and Troutman. 4218 College Ave.

Summer in Fort Collins

Good news everybody NOCO2600 is back in the 2600 magazine! It looks like the Starbucks (4218 College Ave. 7 pm) is the best place to meet for the time. If we are not at the big table come find us on the patio enjoying these long summer evenings. Pull yourself away from your summer projects for a night and come hang out with us, and talk computing and the end of society as we know it…..


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2022 for NoCo 2600

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We have moved locations during the epidemic times. Our old location reduced its hours. Come join us at The Starbucks at 4218 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525. 7pm first Friday of the month.

October 2600 Meeting

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We are trying in person meetings again, As our old locations hours have changed we will meet at Starbucks tonight. 7:00 p.m. Friday night. Starbucks College and Harmony road. 250 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525

2600 and the world with Covid

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2600 meeting may be canceled world wide, but were looking forward to getting together again. As the vaccine becomes more prevalent we’ll be looking at options for a new meeting space.

Those of us from the before times have been meeting still remotely via and slack, and now the new discord.

We are not meeting at Dazbog for the near future. We are meeting via teleconferencing. No user account required, just a browser or phone.
I’ll be posting a link here for the June 2600 meeting here about an hour before the meeting. We’ll be using


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It’s a new year! Meetings have been great an have had fantastic attendance. We’re making plans to make the trip to New York for this years HOPE conference. Come join us for conversations about Security, privacy, and all round IT.
From all of us have a great new year!