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Sept/Oct 2015 Meeting Notes

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September came and went. No notes were taken at that meeting.

Oct meeting hadĀ 7 in attendance, including a founding member (that has relocated to the coast) joining in via video.

Good company and good conversation again, but the biggest news of the meeting was that the members voted andĀ decided to change location. Stay tuned.

We’re changing locations!

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After three years in the Loveland (actually Johnstown) Starbucks, we’ve decided to make a change.

Starting next month, we’ll be meeting in a south Fort Collins DazBog coffee house instead (link to address to follow).

Be sure to tell the other members of the change when your bump into them around town.

See you there!


May 2015 Meeting Notes

9 Attendees, including 1 new


Trip to DEF CON

Security+ vs A+ vs CISSP
Types of

Protecting yourself (and your portable network) while traveling to DEF CON

Portable VPN server for you and your friends to access stuff back home

VMware ESXi vs ProxMox hypervisors

Drone (quadcopter) Demo

Apple Watch
Apple Watch on tattooed skin

April 2015 Meeting Notes

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April 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:20pm
8 people attended (inc. 1 first timers)


TrueCrypt audit


Cisco Miraki

“Military grade encryption” on everything

UEFI secure boot – good or bad?

TPM chip

Frequency hopping – spread spectrum – Hedley Lamar

Phone rooting criminal and civil and Eula repercussions

UK claims right to hack anyone

2600 and dc970 social media upgrades

Virtual credit card

Until next time…


March 2015 Meeting Notes

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March 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:45pm
5 people attended (0 first timers)


Selected articles from the current 2600 magazine were used as a conversation starter.

The increasingly reduced size and cost of electronic devices – Forbes and Office 365 article.

Privacy trends in a generational context. Are you the customer or the product for services like Facebook and Gmail?

Lots of quality discussion on these scoped topics.

Until next time…


February 2015 Meeting Notes

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February 2015 Meeting
7:00pm to ~9:00pm
6 people attended (0 first timers)


New 2600 magazine is out!

Raspberry Pi 2 is released. Quad-core ARMv7 power.

Big health insurance hack by Anthem

General consensus that XKCD is awesome….

Group discussion on fun ways to hide flash storage in ordinary devices

One of our members acquired a large number of old Sonicwall devices – Free to a good home (all were taken during this meeting, no more available)

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