April 2014 Meeting

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April 2014 Meeting
7:00pm to 9:00pm
6 people attended (0 first timers)


DC303 field trip to Denver planned

TrueCrypt configuration
-Default AES vs double or triple bagging it (AES+TwoFish…)

IT (Admin and Security) Certifications
-Comparing reimbursement policies for various employer

SteamOS, Steam Streaming to lower powered computers

Using VMware ESXi 5 to run a virtual gaming machine using SteamOS, streaming

WPA2 hacking process
-Password salt
-Rainbow tables

Full Disk Encryption options

The old fingerprint login software for Windows that stored the username/password in the registry with 56-bit encryption

Lotus Notes(R) sucks

Domain controller event logs, password lockout
-Potential lulz by intentionally locking out coworkers
-Big lulz by intentionally locking out service accounts

PowerShell scripting games
Robocode game

Aaron Swartz…

Minecraft server mod – Client/server/floppy modules

Rust, 7 Days to Die on Steam

PvP glitches, MMO hacks


Another successful meeting…


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